“I love a beautiful succulent arrangement, but have been hesitant to purchase them in the past because I have a hard time keeping them alive. I bit the bullet and ordered the cupcake arrangement, which arrived in 1 day, in an adorable box wrapped in twine. The arrangement was filled with deep purples and vibrant greens! Not only was the cupcake gorgeous but also still alive and just as colorful as it was 5 weeks ago! The low maintenance soil only requires a couple of spritzes of water a week to maintain it’s original beauty. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to add some beauty to a room. Added bonus: its soil is eco-friendly and free of harmful chemicals typically added to maintain freshness.”
— Jennifer Nichols, Ithaca, NY
My Floral Soil Botanical arrangement arrived in perfect condition and smells devine ! I can’t breath it’s so beautiful. Can’t wait to show everyone I know! What an amazing creation.
— K. Foster, Eagan, Minnesota
I loved my floral arrangement made with Floral Soil. The flowers held up very well for nearly two weeks and required very little water compared to the green foam. The Floral Soil was re-used and we now have various forms of mint, basil, oregano and English cucumbers growing. Each plant originated in “Floral Soil” as either a cutting or seed and was transferred to larger outdoor planters on my deck. It is a real treat to see plants growing and thriving in something that would have normally thrown away.
— Judy S., Bellingham, WA
I’m very impressed with my first floral arrangement using all-natural Floral Soil. I received my arrangement a week and a half ago and the foliage still looks fresh and new. It required little water; it only needed water once and the water quickly absorbed in the foam, keeping the flowers consistently moist. I’m most excited about re-using the foam to start a new herb garden once the flowers are gone...creating another beautiful thing, rather than more trash for the landfill.
— Jill A. Seattle, WA
I’m really impressed with Floral Soil’s performance and flexibility. I had a floral arrangement made for my daughter’s baby shower. After about 10 days, the old flowers were removed and another added to the same foam. The second arrangement lasted for another 10-12 days. After the two arrangements had gone, I took cuttings from my fuschia plant and inserted them into the foam. Root formation was evident about four days later and now they are starting to bloom.
— Robin J., Everett, WA
The floral arrangement we received in the Floral Soil was beautiful and the flowers lasted for a lot longer than traditional flower foam or plain water. The Floral Soil that holds the flowers stays moist, so I didn’t water it until a week went by and the more delicate flowers needed to be discarded. Other flowers kept going strong for another week. I love this product and the fact it is non-toxic and 100% reusable and compostable.
— Michelle O., Bellingham, WA
I have not yet had a floral arrangement in Floral Soil but a friend gave me veggie plants that had been grown from seed in the recycled foam. The plants were healthy and grew beautifully when planted in my garden. The next time I order flowers, I will make sure to request Floral Soil. I am not sure if I am more excited about the flowers or what I can grow once they have died.
— - Monique R. Portland, OR
We have two tomato plants grown in recycled Floral Soil. The plants are just as healthy as the nursery stock we purchased and are loaded with fruit. I am very impressed with this material and look forward to further developments.
— Bob J - Everett, WA