If you are going to build something, do everything you can to make it responsibly. Our design process closely evaluated the entire life cycle of “Floral Soil” before it was made. “Floral Soil” may be re-used and once added to your house plants or composted, it will go back into nature naturally.
— Mickey Blake, Co-founder, Inventor

Derived and Inspired by Nature

Floral Soil™ is 100% plant based and manufactured primarily from coconut husks, a renewable waste.  


A key focus of Floral Soil™ design was to make it re-usable. Floral Soil can be used for cuttings and seed starts. Additionally, you can add it to your indoor plants, outdoor planters, and directly to your garden. 

Designed to support the next life 

Floral Soil™ is components are naturally restorative to the environment.  We did not make this product for commercial landfills and compost operations, we made it so that every single person can personally contribute to making the planet a little better.  

Packaged Efficiently

Our packaging contains recycled content and materials. We are constantly working for minimal efficient protection. Like the product, all packaging can be reused or recycled--- or even composted in the garden..

Local Manufacturing 

Our manufacturing site and headquarters are in the same location. Closer to you means reduced air time and fewer CO2 emissions. Whenever possible we support local small businesses.

Reduce Waste

Manufacturing of Floral Soil is closed-looped with zero waste.  We are currently recycling or composting 90% of our total waste and water. Less than zero is the mission.


Our product manufacturing process is designed with energy efficiency in mind. Inputs for each step is closely monitored and analyzed from continued improvements.  


Combustion of fossil fuels is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas production.  Carpooling and a tight supply chain are currently our main methods to reduce transportation related carbon emissions.