Floral Soil Mini Hearts ™

Floral Soil Mini Hearts ™


Floral Soil Mini Hearts™, a non-toxic, biodegradable design medium for cut flowers, plants, seeds and succulents. The botanical mini hearts are handmade using Floral Soil™ , a plant based foam derived from renewable coconut waste. There are no added colorants, preservatives, or fossil fuel based chemicals. Like traditional flower foams, Floral Soil Mini Hearts™ hold water and provide structural support. Unlike chemical foams, most plants can live and grow. Combine live plants, cut flowers and/or seeds and you have the ultimate waste-free living arrangement. 

Mini hearts have enough design surface for small delicate flowers, foliage and cuttings. Heavy stems are not recommended as they may cause tearing. Make beautiful and inexpensive designs for weddings, dinner parties, kids crafts or personal enjoyment. Medium can be re-used for flowers, plant cuttings and seeds.

Formats Available:

Floral Soil Mini Hearts ™ - 10/pk + Non-GMO organic seeds 




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Specifications :

  • Hydrated dimensions (WxH) : 2 x 1
  • Fossil Fuel Free
  • No synthetic dyes 
  • Composed of 95% renewable waste
  • Made from 100% non-threatened renewable resources
  • Contains biochar - an organic soil enhancer designed to increase soil fertility and protect from disease
  • Amended with organic nutrients to support healthy plant growth
  • May or may not contain lava rock to aid in air circulation and help with drainage
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

Floral Soil Mini Hearts ™ 

Organic non-GMO seeds

Bamboo planting stick

Decorative moss

Natural soil nutrient


Ships in a eco-friendly cupcake style gift box w/ plant based biodegradable window