Floral Soil Botanical Cupcakes™

Floral Soil Botanical Cupcakes™

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Floral Soil Botanical Cupcakes™, a non-toxic, biodegradable design medium for cut flowers, plants, seeds and succulents, shaped like a cupcake. They are handmade using Floral Soil™ (patent pending) , a plant based foam like composite derived from renewable coconut waste.  Like traditional chemical foams, Floral Soil Botanical Cupcakes™ hold water and provide structural support. Unlike chemical foams, Floral Soil™ allows plants to live and grow. Combine live plants, cut flowers and/or seeds and you have the ultimate waste-free living arrangement. 

Make beautiful, unique and inexpensive designs for weddings, dinner parties, kids crafts or personal enjoyment. Medium can be re-used for flowers, plant cuttings and seeds.

Heavy stems are not recommended as they may cause tearing.

Happy designing!


Specifications :

  • Hydrated dimensions (WxH) : 3 x 2
  • No synthetic dyes 
  • Composed of 95% renewable waste
  • Made from 100% non-threatened renewable resources
  • Contains biochar - an organic soil enhancer
  • Amended with mico nutrients to support healthy plant growth.
  • May or may not contain lava rock to aid in air circulation and help with drainage. 
  • Bamboo planting stick
  • Non-GMO Organic Seeds 
  • Ships in a eco-friendly cupcake style gift box w/ plant based biodegradable window