See One, Make One, Share One


Design Nites w/Floral Soil includes a free drink, design materials and instruction on how best to use the medium. We also send you home with an additional Free kit - dried Floral Soil, moss and seeds to design and share! You simply need plants and/or flowers of your choice.


Starbucks - Old Fairhaven Park Way

(Tuesdays) 7-8:30 pm

3105 Old Fairhaven Pkwy

Starbucks - Sehome Village

(Thursdays) - 7-8:30 pm

Sehome Village, 222 36th St


Starbucks - Madison Park (Wednesdays) 7-8:30 pm

4000 E Madison St., Seattle, WA

Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room (Feb. 2017)

1124 Pike St. Seattle, WA


Coming soon!

Design Nite w/Floral Soil
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