It started in the kitchen.... 

Floral Soil ™ was born in the kitchen late one evening after I was approached by UC Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry with an opportunity to develop a non-toxic alternative to chemically derived flower foams used since 1954.

We had seven major goals - Support cut flowers, be non-toxic, plant derived, biodegradable, hold water, grow seeds and be safe enough to eat.  

Simply Natural

Floral Soil™ is a foam composite derived from renewable coconut husk waste. There are no added colorants, preservatives, or fossil fuel based chemical additives.  

Highly Absorbent

Floral Soil™ absorbs more than 10x its weight in water. The sponge-like texture provides access to water, air and nutrients without over saturation. 

Easy Stem Insertion

We designed the material for easy cutting and stem insertion regardless of size and length.