It started in the kitchen.... 

Floral Soil ™ was born in the kitchen late one evening after I was approached by UC Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry with an opportunity to develop a non-toxic alternative to chemically derived flower foams used since 1954.

We had seven major goals - Support cut flowers, be non-toxic, plant derived, biodegradable, hold water, grow seeds and be safe enough to eat.  

Floral designs by Rebecca’s Flower Shoppe©


Simply Natural

Floral Soil™ is a foam composite derived from renewable coconut husk waste. There are no added colorants, preservatives, or fossil fuel based chemical additives.  

Highly Absorbent

Floral Soil™ absorbs more than 10x its weight in water. The sponge-like texture provides access to water, air and nutrients without over saturation. 

Easy Stem Insertion

We designed the material for easy cutting and stem insertion regardless of size and length.

 Floral Soil ™ designs by Rebecca’s Flower Shoppe©

In 1954 flower foam was one of the floral industry's best inventions

Flower foams brought convenience and a whole new level of creative design to the art of cut flower arranging. It provided structural support for multiple types of cut flowers and allowed access to water to extend the life of the arrangements.  

Traditional flower foams are manufactured from fossil fuel derived chemicals and do not biodegrade. The product's re-use is not recommended and it contains components known to be hazardous to human health and the environment. 


It's 2016 and the world is demanding green, safe, and sustainable alternatives

We designed for the next life first. One of the most important things you learn when adopting an ethos of sustainable design is to RE-THINK everything. When developing  Floral Soil™, our goal was to make it perform well as a flower foam alternative for cut flowers, be re-useable for subsequent arrangements AND, after its initial intended use, support the next life of seeds, bulbs, cuttings and plant starts.  

Floral Soil™ is non-toxic and  100% plant based. It not only biodegrades, the components have been shown to improve soil. Essentially we are helping to restore nature one brick at a time.

“Developing Floral Soil has been an amazing yet ardous task. We would not be here today if not for parthers like Rebecca & Eric. After nearly two years, rarely has a week gone by when we haven’t stopped into the shop in need of flowers, pictures or an honest critique. Floral Soil has been lucky to find a flower shop that supports a community where people and the planet are a priority. Many hundreds of Floral Soil bricks later, their passion for the floral world and horticulture has made them ideal role models, educators and our Champions for Change.” — Mickey Blake

Rebecca Wiswell landed her first job at a small flower shop in Alberta, Canada, and thus began her love of flowers and plants.  Over the years, she expanded her knowledge by working for outdoor nurseries, plant growers and then on her own specialty cut flower farm and creating her own floral business. Rebecca supplied two grocery chains and numerous flower shops with mixed bouquets and growers' bunches as well as potted plants and hanging baskets. Her career turned a corner when she became floral department manager and then district manager for a grocery chain. 

In 2000 she took a leap of faith to open her own "flower shoppe." With much help and support from her husband Eric, Rebecca feels fortunate to serve the community of Bellingham, Washington.  "We are always striving to be a better "green" shoppe, which is why working with Mickey Blake and Floral Soil™ has been a perfect match."

Photo credit - Eric Gustafson, Rebecca's Flower Shoppe

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Lusher life & Woodland Wedding Cake

by Mari Malcolm -

Mari Malcolm came to floral design through her passion for gardening. Her first garden was featured on HGTV’s Gardening by the Yard, and her succulent containers appear in Debra Lee Baldwin’s Succulent Container Gardens book. Her “Seaside Succulents” container display won an award at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in 2011. After a three-year hiatus to battle and survive late-stage breast cancer, Mari returned to the show in 2015 with a Woodland Wedding Cake that won Second Place and the People's Choice Award in the Floral Design competition. She’s currently at work and play on a new garden in Seattle’s Phinneywood neighborhood.

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by Mickey Blake

I first met Eleanor Blackford at a class organized by Alicia Schwede, Flirty Fleurs. A small group of designers were learning to build elevated arrangements using Floral Soil instead of chemical foams. There was an instant attraction to the elegant, yet fun and quirky designs she created.

Bash and Bloom specializes in individually tailored custom arrangements & event design. They work closely with their clients to turn their unique qualities into fun and creative works of art. We love Eleanor as a designer and her commitment to supporting local and sustainable floral culture. 

Photo credit -Shane Macomber Photography

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by Riz Reyes - RHR Horticulture

Rizanino "Riz" Reyes is the founder of Seattle, WA based RHR Horticulture. RHR services includes landscape consultation, garden/container and floral design. Riz is a licensed landscape contractor with a Bachelors in Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry from the University of Washington with a minor degree in botany.

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Terra Bella Flowers was one of the first florist shops in the country to use sustainable and organic practices. With the help of other northwest flower farmers, Melissa Feveyear helped form the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market Cooperative, a non-profit market place for florists sourcing local and US grown botanicals. 

Melissa is passionate about her work, her family and supporting locally and sustainable innovation. We honored to work with one of the "original" founding members of sustainable floral culture.

Photo credit - Alicia Schwede, Flirty Fleurs

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by Sarah McWilliams

I live in the north of Ireland with my husband and together we’ve been gardening for about 15 years, growing a mixture of flowers, shrubs, and fruit and vegetables. We try to garden organically as much as possible. 

Last year I started a floral design course in our local college as I was interested in displaying the flowers and foliage from our garden.  Floral foam is used to create many of the arrangements we’re taught, but after researching it on the Internet I learnt about its downsides – it’s not environmentally friendly, can’t be re-used and can’t be disposed of with green waste.  I was keen to find an alternative and discovered Floral Soil on the Internet. Mickey shipped me some blocks and cupcakes and I’ve been trying them out in my arrangements, with great success. It’s a fantastic product and I hope that more people will use it and support this great invention.


"Christina is an amazing business woman and leader in supporting American Grown flower farms. She is an innovator and re-defines the meaning of quality. It is honor for Floral Soil to be apart of history." 

Christina founded Farmgirl Flowers in 2010 with over 15 years of operational management and strategic planning experience (Stanford University, 75ARK, and Kimpton Group). Christina created and executed Farmgirl’s innovative model for ordering flowers online – from one daily arrangement, to the trademarked burlap wrapped bouquet, and bicycle delivery. She’s an innovator and trendsetter whose leadership, creative direction, relationship building, and good old fashioned work ethic set her apart.

Christina is an expert in the quickly advancing local flower movement and has positioned Farmgirl Flowers to be the clear industry leader in the consumer facing retail space for domestic eComm flowers. 

Photo credit - Farmgirl Flowers

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